SafeStore provides full service secure warehousing and storage solutions:

Beyond Secure: SafeStore’s Privacy Guard provides our clients with additional customizable security options. We offer customizable security systems to accommodate your security requirements. From video or wireless Internet camera surveillance systems to armed security guards for stored evidence.

Transportation / Logistics – We can assist you with transportation and logistics planning for all of property and evidence storage needs.

Property & Evidence Packaging Services – SafeStore clients can access our Resource page to download a variety of Packaging Evidence Tips.

Inventory Management – SafeStore manages our client’s entire inventory with iTracker Systems. This web-based software tools allows us to expeditiously store and retrieve property and evidence.

Property Auction / Disposition Services – We have strategic relationships with other service providers, which allows us to quickly dispose of property for the best market value.

Training & Consulting Services – We offer, inspection, audits and training for your property room personnel.


What We Store

  • Long-term Homicide Evidence
  • Rape Kits
  • DNA Evidence
  • Seized Property/Assets
  • Slot Machines and Gaming Equipment
  • Biological Passports – (Athletic Anti-doping Test Kits)
  • Counterfeit Goods /Merchandise
  • Motorcycles
  • Sports Vehicles (i.e. water and jet skis)
  • Medical and Dental Devices & Equipment
  • Car Equipment, Accessories & Parts
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Building Materials
  • Construction Equipment
  • Consumer Products
  • Furniture
  • Tobacco Products
  • Airplane Parts
  • Tools
  • Oversized Property and Evidence
  • Storage for Vehicles (buses, fire engines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational water vehicles, RV)
  • Other (determined on a case-by-case basis)