Litigation & Evidence Storage Services

Security is a vital part of chain-of-custody. SafeStore’s Privacy Guard quality control program offers customized security systems for stored evidence. Call or email us today, and ask us about our video or wireless Internet camera surveillance system options, or about onsite security.

We provide evidence storage services related to litigation cases for:

  • Court Systems
  • State Investigative Agencies
  • Federal Investigative
  • District Attorneys
  • Public Defenders
  • Defense Attorneys
  • Probation/Parole
  • Highway Patrol agencies
  • Plaintiffs

We work with clients on complex litigation, including commercial litigation, freight and property claims, large loss injury and death claims. Our secure warehouse storage solutions include storage for:

  • Drones
  • Medical and dental devices and equipment
  • Automotive equipment, parts and accessories
  • Fitness equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • Building materials
  • Construction equipment
  • Consumer products
  • Arson-related property and evidence
  • Other (based on review)
Litigation & Legal Evidence