Law Enforcement

Don’t let past DNA storage issues, cloud your agency’s future reputation.

There have been 337 post-conviction DNA exonerations in United States history.

WARNING: You are at risk every time you store property and evidence in metal cargo containers. Learn more now about contamination and degradation risks associated with these containers – download our free Container Fact Sheet. Call us today and let us provide you with safe storage solutions that REALLY work!

“Get the space you need and want without
sacrificing the security of property and evidence,
while maintaining chain-of-custody.”
metal cargo

What you have and
don’t want…

messy wherehouse


What you NEED and
what we provide

clean wherehouse

THINK ABOUT IT: Your agency’s image and reputation is vital and important. We help you to earn and maintain the trust from the communities you serve.

SafeStore’s secure warehouse storage solutions help convict the guilty and free the innocent.

  • How is your property & evidence being stored?
  • Let us help you to establish and improve your track record for uncompromised evidence that can be quickly located?
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